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How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Cleaning Lenses

Cleaning your eyewear is important for maintaining its appearance and protecting your eyesight. We’ll teach you how to keep your lenses looking great by cleaning them regularly.

Start with a good cleaning solution.

A simple glass cleaner will work well for cleaning your eyeglasses. Simply spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe down the lens. If you’re using an anti-fog solution, make sure to rinse off any residue before putting your glasses back on.

Rinse thoroughly.

It’s also important to rinse your lenses with water after cleaning them. This helps remove any residual cleaner and prevents fogging.

Dry your lenses.

If you’re using an alcohol-based solution, make sure to dry your lenses completely before putting them back into your frame. Otherwise, you might end up with smudges and streaks.

Apply lens cleaner.

To clean your eyeglasses, first remove any lint or dust from the inside of the case. Then, apply a small amount of lens cleaner to the surface of each lens. Let it sit for at least five minutes, then wipe off the excess liquid with a soft cloth. Repeat this process until there’s no more residue left on the lenses.

If you’re using an automatic cleaning solution, let it dry completely before putting the glasses back on. Otherwise, use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any remaining moisture.

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